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ROASTER HIGHLIGHT: Escape Coffee Roasters (Montreal, QC)

This year, we started working with David and Marc from Escape Coffee Roasters in Montreal. This rapidly growing team and operation has come to become one of the most iconic roasters not just in Montreal, but in Canada. Their commitment to their values of Direct Trade, and Sustainability is clear and evident to anyone who has worked or partnered with them.

This year we are stoked that we were able to offer them a few offerings from Finca Miramar. An incredibly fruity Miramar Natural Bourbon (debuted earlier this year on the Th3rd Wave Box). Check out our interview with David below,

Tell us more about Escape (Genesis, general overview, your community, ect)

Escape was created in a desire to change how we approach the creation of a business as a whole and how we package food. I (David) worked for major companies that were always placing profitability in front of nature and human beings. I reached a point in my life where I did want to work for these types of companies no more. I wanted to create something that would have an impact. On nature and on humans. We were coffee passionate/geeks, so we decided to focus on specialty coffee to change the industry in our community/city/province. This is how it started and we now distribute transparent specialty coffees in reusable buckets and compostable bags and hopefully pushing the other companies to change the way the approach their distribution. Hopefully one day, to the entire food packaging industry.

Why did you decide to get into coffee?

I don’t think you can “decide” to get into coffee. You don’t get into coffee because it’s easy, you don’t get into coffee because it’s profitable, you get into coffee because you are passionate about it. The only reason I keep working every hours of my life at Escape is because of the taste I have in my cup everyday. I am focusing on one thing, making coffee better and more sustainable. I’m in love with coffee would be the right answer.

What is your roast philosophy? (Aiming to highlight balance ?Sweetness? Acidity?, what are you looking to achieve in the roast?

We love the coffee fruit. We love the coffee fruity notes, those notes are in the fruit acidity. Our philosophy is to perfectly showcase the fruity notes. That’s goal #1. Goal #2 is to bring more consumer to consume specialty coffees, so we developed and entire series to showcase sweet and balance cups. A bridge between roasty/dark to fruity/sweet.

What is your go to brewing method, and why?

That’s a hard one. Filter is king. Afternoon espresso is delightful.

Anything else you think we should share, (i.e what you roast on, a funny story, ect.)

We’re stoked. Stoked on coffee. Stoked on sustainable practices. Stoked on people joining our boat of consuming better and less.

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