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In Conversation with Fernando Gutierrez from Finca Las Nubes

In this interview, I interview my uncle Fernando Gutierrez, from Finca Las Nubes. This is the second crop we are working with him, and helping bring his coffees here to Canada. I'm extremely excited to be able to experiment further with new processes and varieties with coffees from Las Nubes.

What aspect of coffee farming do you love the most? Why is coffee so special to you?

The aspect of coffee farming I love the most has to do with nature and terroir; it is a joy to work the land when you not only do it sustainably but rather nurture and improve it; and the land rewards you with its produce.

When did you get into coffee farming?

I only got into coffee farming in 2011; when I returned to my home country of El Salvador after living and working as an engineer in New Zealand and Australia for over 15 years. I am actually a first generation Coffee Farmer; but as a kid I used to enjoy picking coffee at an uncle's farm; and one day owning my own was a dream come true.

What makes Finca Las Nubes a special farm? Describe it (i.e The varieties, climate, terroir, type of shade trees, ect. what you would like for roasters to know about Las Nubes)

Finca Las Nubes has a very special location and terroir and you know it when you are there! The soil is rich and volcanic; at 1500 meters above sea level, the air is fresh and the view of the surrounding volcanoes and coffee farms is simply exquisite. At Las Nubes, we primarily have heirloom Bourbon coffee trees, but are expanding into other boutique offerings including Pacamara, Yellow and Orange Bourbon and Geisha; all grown under the shade of local mountain trees and selectively hand picked at the perfect point of ripeness. Our emphasis is and will continue to be on very special coffee offerings though boutique importers such as Republica Coffee Traders.

Interested in trying some of Las Nubes? Send us an Email to sign up for Pre Shipment Samples!

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