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About us


  Republica Coffee Traders is a Specialty Green Coffee Importing Company based out of Toronto. Servicing North America. Republica Coffee Traders aims at delivering the highest quality specialty coffee to the North American market; with an emphasis on Central American Coffee, and Salvadoran Coffee. Republica Coffee Traders derives its name from the term The Coffee Republic. The Coffee Republic was a term used to describe El Salvador during the late 19th and early 20th centuries; as coffee made up almost of 95% of exports at its peak; and the infrastructural, economic, cultural and historic progress was due to the thriving coffee industry. El Salvador has come a long way since then; coffee producers have had to endure armed conflict, confiscation of lands, diseases, low commodity market prices and lack of government regulations. Today, El Salvador's production is insignificant to what it was 100 years ago. Republica Coffee Traders aims to help producers access markets that would otherwise be inaccessible to them. It aims at preserving our environment, history, culture and economy through coffee.

Republica Coffee Traders  was started in April 2020 by a young Salvadoran ex-pat in the GTA. He immigrated to Canada with his family when he was just a young boy. When they got here; he noticed how so many Canadians were crazy about coffee; and it reminded him of his now distant "Finca" in El Salvador.

Many years passed and during the Covid-19 pandemic he saw the dire situation of the people from his home country he decided to finally start importing coffee and with the proceeds, help make investments in the Community around his farm to help improve the quality of life for his people.

In Fall 2022, The Coffee Republic changed it's name to Republica Coffee Traders Inc.

Direct Trade

  We understand that not all roasters have the means to travel to multiple origins every years and have the ability to establish long term direct trade relationships. Our mission as Specialty Green Coffee Importers is to help roasters of all sizes establish direct trade relationships with coffee producers in El Salvador. Direct trade allows for a more equitable business deal between producers and roasters.

Special Processes

We work extensively with our roaster-partners in order to bring to them a specifically desired profile to reality. We can perform exlsuve special processes designated for an exclusive roaster, in order to reach a desired quality and cup profile goal. Whther it is Honey,s Naturals, Semi-Washed or Soaked, we can do it all!


Finca Miramar

  Finca Miramar is our personal family farm and most of our offerings and lots come from here. We also do source coffee from other producers in the surrounding areas providing them also an avenue to sell their coffee internationally. The region's soil consists of mostly volcanic soil and ash; having been replenished relatively recently as 2005 with the eruption of the Santa Ana volcano. Finca Miramar is ideally located on the slopes of the Santa Ana Volcano (which is currently active; and last erupted in 2005) and it ranges from 1400-1700MASL. Being almost 100 years old; it is planted with the traditional Heirloom Borbon, Pacas, Borbon Elite varieties. We use Macadamia, Peach and the very common Pepeto de Rio and Pepeto Peludo trees for shade. Coffee from Finca Miramar consistently cups above 85-86 points.


 Our wet and dry milling is performed at Beneficio Las Cruces (Santa Ana) , owned and Operated by the JASAL Group.  El Salvador's  dry climate during harvesting, allows for high quality Naturals, and Honey's and semi-washed coffees. These processes have become  becoming some of our most desired lots due to their incredible sweetness, acidity and more fruit forward profile. 

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