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Great for either Espresso Blend or as a Single Origin espresso offering. Citric forward with a strong Orange presence; Brown Sugar like sweetness and very fruity. Juicy and Round body.


All coffees are sorted for defect through mechanical sorting, and finally through manual sorting. 


Tablon: N/A (not a microlot)

Varieties: Borbon, Pacas, Borbon Elite, Catuai

Process: Pulp Natural (Semi-Washed)

Drying: Clay Patio

Bag Size: 69 Kg (150LBS)

Screen Size: 15-18

Ideal For: Filter, Single Origin Espresso, Blended Espresso




Tasting Notes: Fruity, Orange, Brown Sugar, Juicy, Round Body


Miramar Pulp Natural 2020/2021 harvest

SKU: 0001
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