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Double Soaked Pacamara from Finca Miramar. 


This lot is processed at the Las Cruces mill in Chalchuapa Santa Ana. This a new kind of lot for Republica. This year we perfromed an Double Soaked (Ethiopian Style Washed) process on a Pacamara lot. 


Double Soaked


The Double Soaked process invovled a traditional fermentation after being de-pulped. It is then soaked in water and left to sit for anywhere between 12-24 hours. It is then soaked again in clean water. Thsi process results in a very bright coffee that highlights the acidity and sweetness while retaining an incredibly high degree of cleanliness. This lighter bodied, citric forward and floral coffee makes an excellent addition to any roaster's filter offering lineup. 


Pacamara Variety

Although the Pacamara variety is a distictly Salvadoran variety, it is a new variety for Republica. The Pacamara variety was created in the 1950's by the Instituto Salvadoreño para las Investifgaciones de Cafe (ISIC). It combined the increedible quality of the Maragogype varietal with the productivity of the Pacas varietal. This hybradization led to the creation of a short statued, varietal with an incredible taste. Pacamara's are known for incredible citric like aciditites, resembling lemons, mandarins or oranges; combined with an incredible sweetness, body and balance. 


Pacamara's truly showcase the best of El Salvador.

All coffees are sorted for defect through mechanical sorting, and finally through manual sorting. 


Varieties: Pacamara


Process: Double Soaked (Ethiopian Style Washed)


Drying: African Beds


Bag Size: 69 Kg (152.11LBS)


Altitude: 1400-1650 MASL



Tasting Notes: Citrics (Lemon), Green Tea, Floral, Cane Sugar, Caramel, Balanced and Sweet. Very bright coffee, 


Limited Quantity Available (Microlot)

Finca Miramar Double Soaked Pacamara

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