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Cerro Las Ranas "The hill of the frogs" is a Mircrolot from the San Francisco Farm. Owned by  Jose Antonio Salaverria and managed by his son Andres Salaverria; Cerro Las Ranas is located in Apaneca-Ilamatepec region, Cerro Las Ranas is known for having a lagoon at the top of the volcano, where throusands of frogs can be seen (Hence the name "The hill of the frogs"). Cerro Las Ranas has become one of their most iconic coffees. Known for it's great acidity and sweetnes; it is very well balanced and clean. 


Notes: Plum, Raisins Mandarin Orange, Red Apple, Chocolatey Finish


All coffees are sorted for defect through mechanical sorting, and finally through manual sorting. 

Farm: San Francisco

Tablon: Cerro Las Ranas

Varieties: Borbon, Pacas, Borbon Elite, Catuai, Hybrido de San Francisco (Pacas/Borbon Elite hybdrid found on the farm.)

Process: Pulp Natural 

Bag Size: 69 Kg (150LBS)

Drying: Clay Patio



Pre-Order for the 2020/2021 samples now avaialble.

Cerro Las Ranas Pulp Natural

SKU: 0004
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