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Curiously Sweet Coffees


90% of all of the forests in El Salvador are directly correlated to coffee production. Thats why we only work with producers that have bird friendly; shade grown coffee farms. These coffee farms are usually a haven for wild animals and wild flora. They help preserve the soil and climate. 

We are always encouraging our producing partners to innovate in more eco-friendly ways.


Our specialty coffees are specially processed at Beneficio Las Cruces in Chalchuapa, Santa Ana. 

All our cherries are extensively selected in order to separate only the ripest cherries for our specialty processes. This ensures the maximum amount of mucilage is left on the cherries in order to better process coffees such as Naturals, Honey's and Semi-washed coffees. This strict processing method results in a very sweet, clean and bright cup profiles. 

Our coffees are sun-dried on Patio or African Beds, and are moved regularly to produce  a consistent, and evenly dried coffee. And are aged in parchment before export  in order to deliver a consistently high quality product. All our coffees go through extensive manual and machine sorting.



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