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Roaster Highlight: KOHI-Micro Torrèfacteur, (Prevost, QC)

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

A Hidden Gem Just North of Montreal

KOHI Micro-Terrefacteur will always have a special place in our hearts at Republica. Being one our first original clients, KOHI has been one of our most enthusiastic, passionate and dynamic roaster partners that share into our vision of Direct Trade, Quality and Sustainability. Being our second year working with them, we were confident enough to perform a special processing lot just for KOHI. We decided a Black Honey would be an interesting project to work on, as it is very different from a Red or a Yellow Honey due to the drying process.

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Tell us more about Kohi (Genesis, general overview, the community, ect)

KOHI started as a hobby in my backyard back in 2017. At the time it wasn’t meant to become what it is today. It simply was the next step in my coffee venture to try and roast some coffee. Since then, my wife Marie joined me and KOHI became an official business. Here we are 5 years later and KOHI is now a full time roastery/coffee shop with a growing community in Prevost, Qc.

Why did you decide to get into coffee?

Coffee has been a passion for a long time in my life. It never was more than that until the day I wanted to spend more time at home. Being a touring musician for 15 years at the time with two young sons, I wanted to find a way to stay home more often. Coffee was the answer without really knowing it. The roastery project was already evolving but the pandemic put it on fast forward since all the music gigs got cancelled for a few months. It gave me the time and energy to really put coffee forward and build what we have today.

KOHI x Republica Exclusive Black Honey drying under shade.

What is your roast philosophy? (Aiming to highlight balance? Sweetness? Acidity?) what are you looking to achieve in the roast?

Our philosophy is to highlight the work of the producers, so we choose our green lots in the optic that we want to have something for every taste on our menu, but we will always roast the coffees to show off their strengths and we won’t try to take them where they can’t go.

What is your go to brewing method, and why?

Being on the road often in the last years, I developed a special bond with the AeroPress. I’d say that I tasted more coffees in this method than any other ones for a long time. The possibilities are literally infinite and the cup quality that you can achieve is impressive. So yeah, I’m an AeroPress addict and maybe someday I’ll try to enter th

e World Championship…who knows!

Tell us more about the Cold Brew Cans?

For this summer, we’ve equipped ourselves with a little canning system to release small batches of Cold Brew. It’s only available on site and we vary the recipe. This time it was easy to decide to put the black honey bourbon forward as it is boasting with peaches, caramel and cocoa!

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